1 May 2019

JBIC Global Facility for Quality Infrastructure Investment for Environmental Preservation and Sustainable Growth (QI-ESG)

Written by Japan Bank for International Cooperation
1 May 2019

Date of effectiveness: 01.07.2018

The new facility will provide various financial assistance to infrastructure development projects that are expected to contribute to global environmental protection, including those connected with air pollution prevention, water supply, water pollution prevention and waste disposal, in addition to the sectors that JBIC has supported under its GREEN Operations, such as renewable energy, energy savings and green mobility, which involves converting conventional petrol-fueled vehicles into electric vehicles for sustainable transportation.

Under QI-ESG, to enhance the support for environmental projects through various financial tools, JBIC will offer overseas investment loans under its GREEN Operations, in addition to the above-mentioned financial instruments, for infrastructure projects that are expected to help protect the global environment. The new facility will enable JBIC to consider providing overseas investment loans to projects involving Japanese companies from the perspective of not only maintaining and increasing the international competitiveness of Japanese industries, but also of contributing to global environmental protection.