Written by Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia
11 April 2019

Date of effectiveness: 2015

PDF is a facility provided by the Ministry of Finance to help Government Contracting Agency to prepare pre-feasibility study, bidding documents, and assist the GCA in the PPP project transaction until reaches the financial close.

Two types of facilities:

  1. Project preparation facilities
    • The preparation of feasibility pre-study (a study that conducted to assess the feasibility of PPPs by considering at least legal, technical, economic, financial, risk management, environmental and social aspects).
    • Preparation of all studies and / or documents supporting the Feasibility Pre-study.
  2. Transaction advisory.
    • Procurement of Implementing Business Entities;
    • PPP agreement signing;
    • Financing for PPP project (Financial Close), as long as it is part of the responsibility allocated according to the GCA’s based on the PPP Agreement
    • Project preparation facilities and transaction assistance facilities. The scope consists of a combined scope of project preparation facilities and transaction assistance