8 April 2019

NDC Pipeline Accelerator Multi-Donor Trust Fund (ACL)

Written by Inter-American Development Bank, Inter American Investment Corporation
8 April 2019

The Fund is an IADB-led climate finance facility aimed at fast-tracking bankable and sustainable projects that move the LAC region closer to realising the targets of the 2015 Paris climate conference.  It will provide grant support to cover the added costs of embedding climate and sustainability considerations in upstream project preparation, and design and enable IADB project teams and country-level counterparts to build in planning for low carbon growth, climate resilience and sustainability early in the project cycle.

It supports:

  • Strengthening institutional capacity of relevant authorities;
  • Piloting approaches, tools, and standards for project assessment and upstream planning;
  • Facilitating safeguards, due diligence procedures and legal review of tender documents;
  • Supporting identification and feasibility design for climate resilient upgrades and retrofits;
  • Upgrading PPP frameworks, tendering and concession documents;
  • Supporting detailed engineering designs and sustainability integration plans;
  • Dissemination of lessons learned and development of standardized approaches.
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