8 April 2019

National Infrastructure Fund Trust Fund (FONADIN)

Written by Government of Mexico
8 April 2019

Date of effectiveness: 07.02.2008

The National Infrastructure Fund (Fonadin) is the coordination vehicle of the Government of Mexico to support the planning, design, construction and transfer of infrastructure projects with social impact or economic profitability, in which the public and private sectors participate.

 It seeks to maximise and facilitate the mobilisation of private capital into infrastructure projects. Some of the major activities of FONADIN are:

  1. Grant subordinated and / or convertible loans, guarantees and capital contributions, in order to boost the participation of the private and social sectors in the infrastructure;
  2. Mobilize private capital to finance infrastructure projects;
  3. Grant recoverable and non-recoverable supports to encourage the construction, financing and transfer of infrastructure projects;
  4. Grant subsidies to public sector entities to support the profitability of infrastructure projects and encourage their realization.
  5. To have an annual financial program, which has as objective both the fulfillment of the financial obligations of the Trust and the preservation and enhancement of its patrimony.