8 April 2019

Multidonor Disaster Prevention Trust Fund (MDP)

Written by Inter-American Development Bank
8 April 2019

Date of effectiveness: 2006

The Fund finances non-reimbursable technical cooperation operations to support IADB borrowing member countries to manage risks related to natural hazards.  This includes technical cooperation activities such as preparation of projects related to disaster prevention, land use planning, strengthening institutions and capacity building.

The principal technical cooperation activities to be financed by the Multidonor Disaster Prevention Trust fund are the following:

  • Identification and documentation of risk at sector or country level.
  • Preparation of projects or components of projects related to disaster prevention.
  • Strengthen/create early warning systems, communication and education.
  • Plan for use of land for reduction vulnerability. - Strengthening of institutions capabilities, policies and programs.
  • Strengthening of insurance markets including the design of financial instruments.

The resources of the fund may also be used to finance small investments required with the above-mentioned activities.