Written by Inter American Development Bank
8 April 2019

Date of effectiveness: 2008

AquaFund is the main financing mechanism to support the IADB's investments in water and sanitation in the Latin America and Caribbean region, developing innovative knowledge products and platforms, increasing institutional capacity at all levels, and supporting technical studies. Multidonor Aquafund resources will be utilized to support sovereign and non-sovereign guaranteed lending, operations of the IDB, as well as to support independent of lending operations with high development impact in the sector.

All interventions will be consistent with the objectives of the Water and Sanitation Initiative. Resources of the Multidonor Aquafund will be used for the financing of the following activities:

  1. legal and regulatory framework analysis and reform support;
  2. capacity building at the municipal, state, and national levels with respect to water resources planning and management;
  3. capacity building for sector operators (public and private);
  4. design of water management strategies and plans;
  5. design of and support for financial schemes applicable to the sector;
  6. stakeholder consultation;
  7. preparation of investment projects;
  8. pilot initiatives;
  9. investment projects;
  10. demonstration activities; and
  11. promotion and public awareness.