11 April 2019

Global Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Fund (GEEREF)

Written by European Investment Bank
11 April 2019

Date of effectiveness: 2008

GEEREF is an innovative Fund-of-Funds catalysing private sector capital into clean energy projects in developing countries and economies in transition.  

GEEREF was structured to catalyse private sector investments into funds and underlying projects by leveraging the public sector seed contributions:

GEEREF was initiated by the European Commission in 2006(1) and launched in 2008 with funding from the European Union(2), Germany and Norway, totalling € 112 million.

GEEREF successfully concluded its fundraising from private sector investors on May 2015, which brought the total funds under management to € 222 million.

GEEREF invests in private equity funds which, in turn, invest in private sector projects, thereby further enhancing the leveraging effect of

GEEREF's investments. It is estimated that, with € 222 million of funds under management, over € 10 billion could be mobilised through the funds in which

GEEREF participates and the final projects in which these funds invest.