Written by Chilean Deputy Chamber
10 April 2019

Date of effectiveness: 02.01.2018

The fund, a public company with funds administered by the Chilean Ministry of Finance, will finance and invest in infrastructure projects, either directly or through third parties, as well as prepare and carry out the necessary studies for such projects.  It will work to identify, design and evaluate a portfolio of strategic projects in Chile. Chilean deputy chamber approved the creation of the fund in January, 02, 2018. It will be funded by US$ 9 million with resources from Chilean Ministry of Finance. It will be administrated by Fondo de Infraestructura S.A., a public company founded to administrated it.

For the development of its purpose, the Fund may: - Finance or invest in infrastructure projects, directly or through third parties, and develop and carry out the necessary studies for such projects; - Build, expand, repair, conserve, exploit and develop, only through unrelated third parties, such infrastructure projects; - Carry out expenses or investments of a physical or financial nature, for new projects, promoting their construction and development; - Issue financial instruments of debt, guarantees and other expressly authorized;

The downloadable PDF document is in Spanish language.