Written by Asian Development Bank
9 April 2019

Date of effectiveness: 2007

CDIA is an ADB-managed Trust Fund that works closely with medium-sized cities in Asia and the Pacific to address gaps in infrastructure development and financing. It uses a demand-driven approach to support infrastructure projects that emphasize poverty reduction, environmental improvement, climate change mitigation or adaptation, and good governance. It aims to contribute to the promotion of sustainable and equitable urban development, leading to improved environmental and living conditions for all in Asia Pacific cities. To achieve this, it bridges the gap between the city’s development plans and the implementation of their priority infrastructure projects.

CDIA hopes to improve urban infrastructure and services management in cities by:

Providing technical assistance in structuring priority infrastructure projects to a stage where they can be financed. Helping cities structure their infrastructure projects to attract financing for implementation. Strengthening local capacities to prepare, implement and manage infrastructure projects and urban services; and Promoting regional dialogues and cooperation on sustainable urban development to enhance cross-learning from good local practices.