11 April 2019

Building Prospects (formerly known as IDF)

Written by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands/Dutch Development Bank (FMO)
11 April 2019

Date of effectiveness: 2002

Building Prospects (formerly known as Infrastructure Development Fund, IDF) was established in 2002 by the Dutch government and FMO to support private investments in infrastructure. These basic services often lead to direct and immediate improvements in people’s quality of life. Building Prospects is aimed at creating reliable infrastructure in many sectors, including energy, transport, ports, agribusiness, water, environment and social infrastructure. It follows an inclusive approach, financing companies that serve people living at the base of the pyramid. A second focus theme of the fund is climate mitigation.

Building Prospects financing is available for:

  1. Long-term financing for large infrastructure projects;
  2. Loans of up to €10 million – in euros, US$ or local currencies;
  3. Minority shares in equity investments;
  4. Investments in dedicated infrastructure investment funds;
  5. Early stage equity for new project development