Written by Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance - Italian General Accounting Office
25 April 2019

As part of the Italian broader harmonised system to collect, manage and provide clear, transparent and accessible data on public finance, the monitoring system of public infrastructures investments is aimed at improving data granularity to support better decision making on infrastructure planning and project review, as well as to foster public engagement.

Data consists of information on the whole lifecycle of infrastructure projects (from early programming to project completion), including a description of the project, its geographical location, the sector of intervention, the financial plan and information on financial sources, payments and total cost, as well as procedural steps, work progress, suspensions and physical indicators. It combines existing data on infrastructure projects advancing the principle of “unique data input” which minimizes the number of requests by central administrations to local authorities and private sector recipients of public resources, thereby reducing administrative burden.

Publication Date: 10.2014