2 April 2019


Written by AfDB, ADB, BNDES, CAF, DBSA, EBRD, IsDB, IaDB, PPIAF, and the World Bank Group
2 April 2019

SOURCE is a collaboration of AfDB, ADB, BNDES, CAF, DBSA, EBRD, IsDB, IaDB, PPIAF, and the World Bank Group. It provides an online, secure, multi-user project development tool to promote and facilitate high-quality and efficient global project delivery. Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF), a not-for-profit Swiss foundation headquartered in Geneva, coordinates the provision of SOURCE.

SIF is mandated by MDBs, who are members of SIF’s Advisory Board. SOURCE is an advanced online platform, which allows through series of standardised templates, aggregating and processing information on all dimensions of project preparation, with the aim of improving infrastructure project bankability, quality and delivery, increasing investment and crowding-in private finance and strengthening the technical capacity and ability of the public sector to manage risks. It is organised in stages, encompassing the whole project lifecycle; including the preparation, procurement, development and operating phases. SOURCE is a secured and flexible platform, which adapts to the specific requirements of each government and covers the governance, technical, economic, legal, financial, environmental and social dimensions of the project definition.

Publication Date: 2019

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