Written by MSCI
2 April 2019
The IPD Global Quarterly Infrastructure Direct Asset Index highlights the performance characteristics of the asset class and builds a track record which can be segmented by region, sector and other key metrics. This represents a significant milestone for the infrastructure sector as it is providing a robust measure of return performance that can be compared with other asset classes and used to confidentially benchmark performance across portfolios. The index measures the equity performance of infrastructure assets globally. The index includes 123 investments for a total equity valuation of around USD 31 billion. As of December 2016, the index s investments are located in Australia (47%), Europe (41%), North America (9%), and New Zealand (3%). The sector exposure of the index includes Transport excluding airports (27%), Airports (21%), Water (19%), Power Transmission (1%), Renewable Energy, and Power Generation, Public Facilities and Communication at respectively less than 1%.