Written by OECD
2 April 2019

The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) captures the flows of Official Development Finance (ODF) for infrastructure. The ODF for infrastructure data is disaggregated into four sectors and 45 sub-sectors. The International Development Statistics (IDS) online databases cover bilateral, multilateral aid (ODA) and private providers’ aid and other resource flows to developing countries.

It provides data under three sub-themes: “Flows by provider”, which provides comprehensive aggregate data on the volume, origin and types of aid and other resource flows; “Flows by provider and recipient”, which provides comprehensive aggregate historical and forward-looking data on the volume, origin and destination of resource flows (including country programmable aid); and “Flows based on individual projects (CRS)”. The Creditor Reporting System (CRS) provides detailed information on individual aid activities, such as sectors, countries, project descriptions etc. used to derive aggregate data. There are two ways to access DAC international development statistics, QWIDS and OECD.

Publication Date: 2018