Written by Joint initiative by the EI Bank, GI Hub, Long-term Infrastructure Investors Association, OECD and the Club of Long Term Investors
2 April 2019

The Infrastructure Data Initiative, was launched to address the issue of establishing infrastructure as an asset class through data collection and improving the availability of infrastructure investment data. The initiative aims to improve the availability and quality of data and information on infrastructure investment, particularly at granular project and cash flow level, with the objective to identify the critical data that is needed to develop infrastructure investment standards and benchmark.

The initiative therefore targets three priority areas:

  1. Financial performance benchmarks: Including new benchmarks on appropriate investment return metrics for both infrastructure equity and debt instruments, including also risk measured over project life-cycle
  2. Economic and impact analysis: Evaluation of projects to assess the societal and economic impact generated by infrastructure projects
  3. ESG performance: Sustainability and inclusive growth impacts, environmental and climate related risks.

Publication Date: 2017