Written by Infrastructure Australia
11 April 2017

The Infrastructure Priority List is a prioritised list of nationally significant investments. It provides decision makers with advice and guidance on specific infrastructure investments that will underpin Australia's continued prosperity. The investments outlined in the list undergo a rigorous prioritisation process and are independently assessed by Infrastructure Australia's Board.

Information on the prioritisation process is available on our website. It is a live document and is regularly updated. For example: the 2019 Infrastructure Priority List is the largest, most comprehensive and most diverse list of investments identified by Infrastructure Australia to meet the challenges of the future. It identifies a record 121 nationally significant infrastructure proposals, with 8 High Priority Projects, 10 Priority Projects, 29 High Priority Initiatives and 74 Priority Initiatives. This provides all levels of government with an evidence?based list of infrastructure investment opportunities for the near, medium and longer term.

Publication Date: 02.2019