30 June 2017

Improving infrastructure delivery: project initiation routemap

Written by Infrastructure and projects authority
30 June 2017

Since the launch of the Routemap over 20 major projects across the transport, water, flood defence and energy

sectors have undergone a Routemap assessment, helping to drive their successful delivery. Yet there is still work

to do as projects continue to face challenges.

The recent NAO report on Delivering Major Projects in Government (2016) and the Infrastructure UK Cost Review

(2010) both noted that projects continued to encounter problems in their early stages - and, particularly, that

projects often publically announced timelines and costs before plans have been properly tested. The report

also identified a lack of project capability especially at portfolio level. The Routemap will help address these

challenges by offering support on strategic decision making during project initiation based on the latest

thinking and knowledge acquired from delivery of Major Projects applied in a series of structured exercises. It

enables sponsors and those responsible for project delivery to properly align complexity with the necessary

capabilities and other enhancements to ensure a more successful outcome.


Link   https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/improving-infrastructure-delivery-project-initiation-routemap