6 April 2017

Benchmarking Public Procurement by World Bank

Written by World Bank
6 April 2017

Launched in 2013, Benchmarking Public Procurement  focuses on legal and regulatory environments that affect the ability of private sector companies to do business with governments. It aims to promote evidence-based decision making by governments and to build evidence in areas where few empirical data have been presented so far.

The Benchmarking Public Procurement 2017 report presents comparable data on public procurement laws and regulations across 180 economies to meet the various needs of different stakeholders for information, analysis, and policy action. It provides private sector firms with insights on issues involving their participation in the public procurement market while offering policy makers information on their country’s public procurement regulatory system and related business practices. The data also benefit the academic and research community by offering better tools and data on procurement systems and facilitating cross-country analysis.


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