14 August 2018

The third annual meeting of the Australian Infrastructure Investors Forum, Sydney

14 August 2018

14th August, 2018


The third annual meeting of the Australian Infrastructure Investors Forum was held in Sydney on 14 August 2018, and the Global Infrastructure Hub was asked by the event organizers, Inframation, to join the panel on “The Global Outlook: The World in 2018 and Beyond”.


Mark Moseley, the GI Hub’s Chief Operating Officer, presented data from the most recent version of the GI Hub/EDHEC Annual Global Infrastructure Investor Survey, noting the significant increase in interest that infrastructure investors are showing in emerging market countries. He also highlighted the findings in the recently-updated GI Hub Global Infrastructure Outlook Report, which helps investors identify countries and sectors where there are investment opportunities not currently being met.


The panel members were asked to express their thoughts on how the practice of infrastructure investment might evolve over the next ten years, and Mr. Moseley noted that the G20’s Infrastructure Data Initiative could play a significant role in facilitating increased investments, particularly by smaller pension funds and other institutional investors not currently participating in infrastructure markets (see the article on this initiative here). The importance of reliable data on the performance of infrastructure assets was also stressed by other members of the panel.


Other highlights of the event included keynote speeches by David Irvine, the Chairman of Australia’s Foreign Investment Review Board, and by the Honourable Phil Twyford, New Zealand’s new Minister of Housing,  Urban Development and Transportation.