12 July 2018

Robert Milliner at the Australia Singapore Infrastructure Investment Forum (ASIF), Singapore.

12 July 2018

12th July, 2018


On 12 July, Robert Milliner, a member of the Board of Directors at the Global Infrastructure Hub, was welcomed as a panellist at the Australia Singapore Infrastructure Investment Forum 2018.


The ASIF brought together a select group of senior government officials, pension funds, commercial lenders and advisors from Australia and the ASEAN region, for a focused half-day forum.


Mr. Milliner spoke to the topic of ‘Closing the infrastructure Gap in ASEAN and Beyond: New Data from the GI Hub’. The data came from the recently updated InfraCompass report, which identifies the key factors that contribute to quality infrastructure and increased private participation and Global Infrastructure Outlook**, which gives a country by country assessment of the spending needs and trends across seven sectors to 2040.