12 September 2018

Ministry of Finance Japan: Seminar on Quality Infrastructure Investment, 12-13 September 2018, Tokyo, Japan.

12 September 2018

12th September, 2018 - 13th September, 2017

In advance of the fourth G20 Infrastructure Working Group meeting, the Ministry of Finance of Japan, along with the OECD and World Bank, hosted a seminar on Quality Infrastructure Investment on 12- 13 September in Tokyo, Japan. 


The purpose of the seminar was to highlight the importance of financing and delivering high-quality infrastructure and facilitate sharing of best practices and new approaches to improving the quality of infrastructure assets globally. Seven sessions took place across the two-day event:

  • Session 1; Highlighting the significance of quality infrastructure investment and developing common understanding and good practices of such investment
  • Session 2; Data collection and benchmarks for quality infrastructure investment
  • Session 3; Effective approaches to financing quality infrastructure investment and mobilising resources
  • Session 4; Effective governance for quality infrastructure
  • Session 5; Environmental and social aspects in infrastructure investment
  • Session 6; Project Preparation, planning and procurement – practices to support resilient and sustainable infrastructure investment
  • Session 7; Technology and innovation in support of quality investment in infrastructure


GI Hub COO Mark Moseley joined the panel for Session two, during which participants discussed the need for improved data in relation to quality infrastructure to facilitate the creation of benchmarks and performance indicators for investment. Mr Moseley stated that:


The GI Hub believes that, by collecting and making available data on the performance of infrastructure projects on an asset level basis, we can significantly increase the level of private investment in infrastructure. Alongside gathering financial performance data, we should also be looking to collect standardised data on the economic performance of infrastructure assets and on the quality of those assets.


The GI Hub is currently developing a tool which will provide guidance for governments on Recommended Output Specifications for High-Quality PPP Projects which will be available in mid-2019. For more details, please see the September Update which the GI Hub provided to the IWG meeting.


The agenda for the seminar is available here.

The GI Hub’s IWG Update September 2018 can be found here.