15 April 2021

15th April, 2021 - 12th August, 2021

The launch event for InfraChallenge, an international competition designed to disrupt the infrastructure industry through new digitally-driven solutions, was held in Sydney, Australia.

Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) CEO Marie Lam-Frendo welcomed more than 100 people from across the across the infrastructure, technology and innovation communities to the event which included an address by Co-Chair of the G20 Infrastructure Working Group, Damien Dunn and a panel discussion about the future of infrastructure which featured: 

  • Fiona Tschaut, Senior Manager, Network & Programs, Michael Crouch Innovation Centre
  • Lisa McLean, CEO, Open Cities Alliance
  • Fernando Montejo, Senior Officer, Economic Prosperity Community, MIT Solve
  • Rob Coffey, Chief Transformation Officer, Global Infrastructure Hub

Attendees were the first to hear about InfraChallenge, which invites applicants from around the world and across sectors to pitch big ideas that will drive digital transformation in a sector that has not been widely disrupted by digitisation. The competition will see the winning entry receive a AUD$50,000 funding package to develop their solution to the next stage.

Visit the InfraChallenge website

CEO address at InfraChallenge launch event

Above: GI Hub CEO Marie Lam-Frendo addresses the audience

IWG Co-Chair Damien Dunn address

Above: Co-Chair of the G20 Infrastructure Working Group, Damien Dunn delivers his speech

Panel discussion

Left to right: Fiona Tschaut, Lisa McLean, Fernando Montejo and Rob Coffey discuss the future of infrastructure