17 May 2019

GI Hub’s Leading Practices Manager, Jack Handford joined a panel discussion at the PPP Americas event organised by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) and IDB Invest in the Dominican Republic from 15 - 16 May 2019.

With over 350 participants PPP Americas is a discussion forum for public private partnerships (PPPs) in Latin America and the Caribbean. The purpose of the forum is to promote better collaboration between the public and private sectors in infrastructure projects, with a key focus on knowledge sharing across topics of mutual interest.

The event consisted of 15 sessions with speakers from both the public and private sector and financial institutions. It was opened by Donald Guerrero Ortiz, Ministry of Finance, Dominican Republic and Alexandre Maira Rosa, Vice President of Countries, IDB.

On day two, our Leading Practices Manager joined the panel on the topic ‘International Best Practices in Management and Administration of PPP Contracts’ to discuss leading practice guidance and data from the GI Hub’s PPP Contract Management Tool.  


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